Download QuickMark Spot (Mac 10.5 and above only)

What is QuickMark Spot

QuickMark Spot is a free Mac utility that works in conjunction with QuickMark QR Code Reader for iPhone.

QuickMark Spot enables a Mac computer that is in the same local Wifi network as your iPhone to receive scanned data from QuickMark for iPhone.

When connected, the barcode data scanned by QuickMark for iPhone will be automatically "pasted" to where the cursor lies on the Mac.

When to Use QuickMark Spot

One may find it useful as simple and straight forward data collecting tool.

For example, one can turn on QuickMark Spot and then open a new TextEdit or Excel file on their Mac and start compiling a list of product serial numbers by scanning barcodes with QuickMark on his/her iPhone.

How to use QuickMark Spot


  1. Download QuickMark Spot for Mac at QuickMark's website.
  2. Run the downloaded file and follow its instructions to install QuickMark Spot on your Mac. (Requires entering Admin account credentials during installation on your Mac.)
  3. Download and install the latest QuickMark for iPhone on your iPhone.


  1. Mac - Find and start QuickMark Spot in Applications
  2. Mac - A small QuickMark Spot icon will appear on the top right corner of your Mac Menu Bar
  3. Mac - Select 'Enable Service' to start
  4. iPhone - Start the QuickMark app and go to the 'Settings' tab
  5. iPhone - Tap on 'Wi-Fi' and follow steps to toggle the setting to ON
  6. iPhone - After 'Wi-Fi' is set to ON, select a server to connect to (the server will be the Mac in which QuickMark Spot is running)
  7. Mac - Click anywhere on a document in which you wish to send the decoded result (the destination is where the mouse cursor is located)
  8. iPhone - Start scanning


  1. Only one iPhone and one Mac can be paired at this time
  2. The decoded results are sent as raw text data to the Mac